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Couples in Crisis: Is your marriage or relationship on the brink of ending? Are you longing for intimacy? Confused about what to do after the affair? Perhaps it's simply time to learn better communication skills. Couples counseling can help address betrayal, restore trust, love and respect for each other again.

Depression got you down? Are you suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)? Are you holding in your feelings with no place to turn? Does bipolar disorder run in your family? Do you feel stuck and wish it would all be better? Therapy can help! Do you consider medication only a last resort? Learn more about drug-free treatment for depression.

Anxiety & Panic Attacks: Can't stop those anticipatory thoughts? Trouble studying or preparing for an upcoming presentation? Does social anxiety stop you in your tracks? A blend of behavioral, cognitive and clinical hypnosis methods can bring relief.

Loss & Grief Relief: Has your sadness turned into disabling grief? Perhaps it's time to get help. Learn to manage complicated grief and loss towards moving on in your life.

Living with Diabetes: Are you living with type 1 or type 2? Do you often feel alone needing motivation just to stay on track each day? Talk with someone who understands the emotional struggles which goes along with the ups and downs of blood sugars. Learn more about successfully living the very low carb lifestyle! Read/Listen to my interview.

Clinical Hypnosis: Good for pain control, anxiety, smoking cessation, and much more. Hypnotherapy can be an effective method to go deeper and resolve long time unconscious patterns causing many behavioral and mood disturbances.

Group SuperVision: Clinical Mastery Learning Circle! For experienced mental health clinicians and graduates seeking hours for licensure. Learn more...

Online Video Consultation: If you are unable to attend in person, sessions via Skype are an option. Ask for more details.

Low Carb Keto Diet for A Better You! Food for thought: Are you eating a Standard American Diet (SAD) and wondering why your health and emotional state continues to decline? Do you want to lose weight? Get Healthier? Learn what you can do today start feeling better physically and emotionally by adapting to a ketogenic lifestye.

Barry Erdman, LCSW, DCSW
Individual, Couple and Family Psychotherapy • Clinical Hypnosis
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"I had never been to therapy before ... With Barry though, I felt the presence of someone who understands the importance of dealing with problems in a very human way...">
"...When I came to visit Barry I instantly felt comfortable, and trusted that he could help me to open up..." >
"Two years ago on Nov. 15 you met with my husband and me to help us quit smoking..." >
"I found Barry to be immediately understanding, consistently uplifting, and..." >
"I am a CU student in education and have struggled with ADD as long as I can remember. I have always..." >
"Barry has been extremely helpful to me in coping with chronic pain and attendant mood problems..." >
"I came to see Barry ten years ago to help me deal with issues related to my childhood sexual abuse..." > 
"I came to see Barry for help with deep anxiety regarding an upcoming surgery. I found the customized hypnosis CD that Barry produced to be enormously helpful..." >
"...I went to Barry on issues dealing with my son's bipolar illness. It was obvious immediately that we had come to the right therapist... " >
"Barry definitely helped my husband and I get on the right track in our communication and our marriage overall....">
"I want to thank you for the good work you/we did.  Your expert guidance and thoughtful insights...">
"My therapy work with Mr. Erdman was invaluable -it made a world of difference in helping me move beyond being a victim... ">
"I wanted to say Thank You for the help, understanding, and guidance during a very troubled time in my life. You made me feel comfortable right from the beginning of..." >
"... I don't think I could have kept it together emotionally during my divorce without your help.  Thank you again.">